Thai Ingredients Glossary

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Chrysanthemum flower Thai Name: ดอกเก็กฮวย - dok kek houw

Iced chrysanthemum tea is one of the most popular drinks in Thailand, along with Thai iced tea. Served hot or cold, it is made by steeping chrysanthemum flowers in boiling water and sweetening with sugar.

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 Thai Jasmine Essence

Thai Jasmine Essence Thai Name: น้ำดอกมะลิ - num dok ma li

This fragrant liquid comes from the jasmine flower.  The flowers themselves are usually woven by hand into garlands and sold in markets. The flower is also used to add a fresh fragrance to cars and homes, as well as Thai desserts, without affecting the flavor.
Finding fresh Jasmine flowers in the West can prove difficult. So this extract can serve as the next best thing.

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 Thai Iced Tea

Thai Iced Tea Powder Thai Name: ผงชาเย็น - phong cha yen

Thai tea powder is used to prepare the popular orange colored Thai Iced Tea (cha yen in Thai) as served in Thai restaurants. "Pantainorasingh" brand Thai tea is recommended for brewing the best Thai iced tea. This tea powder can also be used to prepare Cha Manao (Thai Tea with Lime) - instead of adding sweet milk, simply sweeten with sugar to taste and add a freshly squeezed lime; serve over ice.

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